Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Cozy Homecoming

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[A snapshot of the big girls visiting Elisabeth in the hospital on Saturday.] 

We are home. Home sweet home. When we arrived everyone was gone, but Donald had made special preparations for our return. The house was neat and tidy, a peppermint candle was burning, and there were blankets laid out in front of a roaring fire for Elisabeth and me. It was the most cozy homecoming!

  photo 0623ff20-f220-48c8-8bcc-42144880d57d_zps611aa152.jpg

I am slowly increasing her feeds. Currently she is getting 2 ounces an hour via her feeding pump. The surgeon used a third of her stomach to create the wrap around her esophagus, so it'll take some time to get it stretched out again.

Elisabeth seems rather uncomfortable. She isn't crying, but constantly tossing and turning. It's hard for me to determine whether this is discomfort due to surgery, or because of the feeding. Too much food too soon? Air trapped that can't escape because the wrap? Pain at the surgical site? I simply don't know. So I'll just do the best I can to keep her comfortable and happy. Right now we're listening to the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack. That'll help, won't it?

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