Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Shakespeare's Richard III

I am so excited about the production I'm a part of this week: Shakespeare's Richard III at Columbia Basin College. There is just a small music ensemble: one violin, one viola (me), two cellos, and a percussionist. And get this - we are playing an original score. Last night was the first dress rehearsal and it went quite smoothly (even if it was a FIVE HOUR REHEARSAL). The interesting thing about this show is that rather than being down in a pit, the string ensemble is up in the rafters with the lights. It is so awesome! I have a birds eye view of Richard III for the next 5 days!

 photo e1903d58-2b80-407e-90cf-63dad3a3989d_zps32aea06f.jpg

I don't know a lot about Richard III (my dad is rolling in his grave right now), so I am going to do some research before rehearsal tonight. I'll tell you this though - it is not Much Ado About Nothing (my favorite Shakespeare play). What a completely different feel! Where Much Ado About Nothing is light and witty, Richard III is heavy and dramatic. 

I guess that's the difference between a comedy and a tragedy! :)

 photo f02e9380-2084-4aea-ab8e-8c091851ef24_zps2a4fa7e3.jpg 

Come if you can. 
This performance is absolutely stellar.

Nov 20-23 at 7:30 and Nov 24 at 2:00
All performances at Columbia Basin College.
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