Thursday, November 20, 2014

Lorelai, Meet Lorelai

Lorelai was born on a Tuesday night. Tuesday was the night that Gilmore Girls - my favorite television show - used to air on. I remember thinking, 'She needs to be born by 8:00 PM so that I can hold Lorelai while watching Gilmore Girls'. Well, I accomplished my goal, she was born in the six o'clock hour, but I ended up in the OR due to serious complications (I lost more than half my blood).

But back to Gilmore Girls. I have always looked forward to the day when I could share the series with my own daughters - especially Lorelai, since she is named after it. (The main character is Lorelai)

Today was that day.

School was canceled due to ice. We stayed in comfy clothes all day and kept Gilmore Girls on by the hour. The girls loved it! And I loved watching it again after all these years. It is an absolutely delightful show!

 photo ed3e6e77-ab5e-4b7d-a029-4e81a54e24ab_zps78d56628.jpg 
Chillin' and watching Gilmore Girls.
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