Friday, November 28, 2014

My Baby and Me

I love Elisabeth. 

She is so unique, so special. When I look at her, I don't see her as handicapped, or in any way lacking. I see a perfect being. I see someone who is wise and intelligent - not in the traditional sense - but in a way I can't describe. Like she has all the secrets of the universe tucked away in her mind.

  photo 30140610-05e2-4227-a5c7-fcac18a2f49d_zpsc08b9eb0.jpg  photo b0fdbbec-d619-4833-8047-08c3c305dbe9_zpsbfad2d83.jpg  photo 9895d881-cedc-4c55-b4a3-e0f9e9fee6a1_zpsa2da2fca.jpg  photo fecc3771-2afd-4ad1-b584-f3e3aa5fcaf2_zps577909c7.jpg  photo 5202d6a8-4d3c-4488-8a61-4287e4bd8615_zps6b16d699.jpg  photo 5b180102-1d05-4314-b0ac-e5f4565154bd_zps29749937.jpg  photo 6d072550-5ca6-45a0-b822-1a06224d56b1_zps0ae3d2f2.jpg  photo 71c0db36-101c-4b72-8d27-147531eba683_zpsa76c5b50.jpg 
[Photographs by Lee Ann Norris.]

It's an honor and privilege to be her mother.
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