Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving Review 2014

Weather is the craziest thing. One week to the day before Thanksgiving school was canceled due to ice. It was freezing! And then, on Thanksgiving Day, the weather was up in the mid-sixties! It was so delightful! I flung the doors wide open and let fresh air fill the house. Then I took Elisabeth on a walk - because if there is one thing she deserved after the hard two weeks she went through, it was a walk in warm November air.

The girls hopped on a scooter and bike, Brigitta the Royal Pup rode shotgun on Elisabeth's stroller, and we set out on an adventure. You'll notice Elsa's choice of was that warm.

  photo f8850cac-072c-4056-aab2-d83142340093_zps3f25ca5e.jpg  photo d1a88e94-2075-4df6-aeb6-8e464e5b8d51_zps392a334f.jpg  photo c228a691-07ac-4305-89d3-3c620632e693_zps22350da0.jpg

Donald was up on the roof when we got home. When there is a random warm day at the end of November, you use it to put up Christmas lights...even if it is Thanksgiving.

There was no reason to go inside, so the girls dragged a folding table out of the garage, a bunch of Barbies, and had summer late autumn.

 photo 12fa4d78-2868-4445-9de6-2b6051901df1_zpsaf082b67.jpg  photo 07225ca3-9957-4eb6-862c-2109b01fc8d0_zps6fe07937.jpg  photo 8b10aa49-9f03-409e-842b-a50e5ce17f9d_zps78867505.jpg 

And Elisabeth, well, we rolled her feeding pump on out and she enjoyed lunch on the front lawn.

  photo ac41a00d-508d-4daa-8ca9-5d6870589e07_zpse46a233e.jpg 

Later it was the usual - turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie...

And to end the night we watched Elf to kick off the holiday season.

"I just like to smile! Smiling's my favorite."

-Buddy the Elf 

p.s. Two days later it was snowing! Good thing Donald got those lights up!
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