Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Surgery On The Morrow!

 photo c0234723-3708-46eb-8933-19cb4c468a36_zps1ad955fc.jpg 
[Hotel life = Pillows galore.]
Elisabeth and I finished up with appointments at 3:30 and came straight to the hotel (anything to stay out of the frigid cold.) We watched a little TV before I bathed her and got her all freshened up for tomorrow's big surgery.

Surgery is at 7:30 and will take several hours. They will be using the stomach to create a wrap around the esophagus. This should put a stop to Elisabeth's never-ending vomiting (Yay!!!). They will also widen the opening between the stomach and the intestines. Please keep Elisabeth in your prayers, this is a big surgery for her fragile little body.

I will post updates frequently! 

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