Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Surgery Day

As I'm sure you've heard, the temperature here in the northwest has plummeted.
It is freeeeeeezing - and I mean that in the literal sense of the word. It is the kind of cold that bites, and while I'm no stranger to cold weather, the fact that it came on so suddenly makes it feel twice as frigid! I felt guilty pulling Elisabeth out of bed at 5:45 to put her in the bitter cold car.

Despite the temperature, Elisabeth wore a smile on her face this morning. I captured a few pictures as quickly as I could because smiles are far and few between these days:

 photo cf9dd2c5-6c39-42de-bb90-e7fa4c43853f_zpsaa1f2788.jpg  photo 1c65b774-7551-4878-9761-9318ffe7c49a_zps992653dc.jpg

When the surgeon came in to chat I had to remind him that he was supposed to do a pyloroplasty. Thank goodness it came up! He was only planning on the fundoplication - I would have been so frustrated if the pylorolasty was forgotten! Good thing I was on my A game.

And then off she went:

 photo e818090b-71ae-4918-875f-6a6b2b54a301_zps827793c7.jpg

The surgery appears to have gone well. Of course the real test will be if she keeps her food down when her feeds are permitted again (whenever that is...)

  photo 3c28b666-c6da-4745-8fbf-836a9daee8dc_zps8981f423.jpg

The incision site:

 photo 8c5e8da8-3ca1-4f91-ab30-880fec852fe2_zps6c7adcce.jpg

They are using her g-tube to drain excess junk from her stomach at the moment
(thus all the blood in the tube).

 photo 444b54c5-214d-4c0f-9c70-4f75d8062e6f_zps5ae29ec6.jpg  photo 4a7c8c45-30eb-4c9a-b33d-6b46be0593dc_zpsace63488.jpg 

Sleep my baby, sleep.

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