Friday, November 14, 2014

Your How-To Guide For a Comfortable Hospital Stay

Elisabeth still hasn't woken up. And I mean really woken up. There have been a few times when she has opened her eyes, but within minutes she is back to dream land. She's only on Tylenol, so it's not that they are drugging her heavily. Most likely it's just a coping mechanism to escape the discomfort, tubes, and wires. I'd sleep too if I was her.

 photo 96a46b2e-b8ef-4d68-bc59-1ff89908dcc5_zps4d5b6612.jpg

Anyways, I've settled into room 340 comfortably. I know we're only expected to be here five days or so, but I still figure you can bring a few essentials to ensure a comfortable stay:

A) Snacks

 photo 393fa99b-a6fb-42d2-ad22-717b62e0d30d_zps4c1c7053.jpg

B) Books, catalogs, and my Kindle

 photo 8c509f41-3133-4711-afe7-4452567efbc0_zps6accfcb3.jpg

C) Drinking water

 photo 09c5df47-1ef9-4d81-be75-29b3ef02fd07_zpsa5521dc5.jpg

And perhaps most importantly...

D) Toilet paper

 photo a7a67513-4a18-4e47-9e5c-4609919a170d_zps3b81fea8.jpg

Got it?

We are here:

 photo 1540ce4d-a08c-40f4-81e6-c4ae43148291_zpsfa72279d.jpg 

Ciao for now!
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