Thursday, November 13, 2014

Recovery - Day 2

Things are going well here in room 340!

After sleeping for 24-hours straight, Elisabeth finally opened her eyes this morning.
Right now she is laying in bed very still, just staring - contemplating life, I'm sure.

 photo 1f25382e-eb49-4aff-b971-ca9128e59ff5_zpsdd7386d5.jpg
[Our view.]

It's supposed to start snowing any minute back at home and I am a wee bit jealous. Here in Spokane it's all blue skies - freezing, but blue skies. At least it allows for glorious morning sun here in room 340.

 photo 911548ef-6856-42b8-99e3-7c676d97f8e1_zps488e36e6.jpg
[Thank you for her dog, Mom!]

Yesterday, a volunteer from the gift shop arrived with a very large stuffed dog. I started laughing; why hadn't I guessed something like that would be coming? My mom has a long standing tradition of sending over-sized stuffed animals to my children. Surely you remember the gigantic bear from when Lorelai broke her arm. And our near-famous giraffe which arrived during one of Elisabeth's hospital stays in Seattle.

Speaking of over-sized stuffed animals, have you seen the 8-foot bear at Costco? I could not believe my eyes! It is enormous! My mom thinks she needs to buy it for us - you know, since it's tradition and all. Ha!

 photo 3dab1226-00d0-451e-9d34-9f175d948b66_zps6fa262de.jpg

Now that's a big bear!
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