Sunday, December 28, 2014

A Very Merry Review

Before I went to bed on Christmas Eve, I thought "Did I go overboard? Did I do too much?". And almost instantly I answered my own question - no. For these are precious years and precious times. To create magic and fun for my children - and to create moments that turn into cherished memories - there is no regret in that. I love being a mother, I love making life special and whimsical for my children. I love finding ways to surprise them and bring them joy. So no, I didn't go overboard, I just did what I love to do.

 photo 0f3a8b7f-96b6-4a2c-9909-4f516c6b88a5_zpsdc114e23.jpg

Elsa's face in the next photo just says, "Is it time? Can we start?"

 photo 03e1a694-acb4-4b7e-b007-5e95dd44069d_zps1d57b3c0.jpg

And then the wild rumpus began.

A few hours later our home was littered with boxes, paper, toys, books, clothes, and on and on and on...

  photo bf7063dd-6149-49f1-bfc2-5f61ef6e35f8_zps667d8794.jpg

  A look at some Christmas morning gifts:

  photo 57c44f51-854b-4984-9203-68c4e33cebe6_zpse18a23e8.jpg

Elsa, wearing new clothes - including superman socks with capes and new red boots (which was on her list for Santa) - and holding her new doll.

 photo 3d238dc2-8050-4167-8100-bf171188edce_zps6d49b6d6.jpg

Alexandra, wearing new clothes and holding a chandelier for her bedroom (which came with bulbs that flicker like flames!).

 photo 55ece4e3-481e-4155-bf63-4e8a37126d74_zps7fef66ab.jpg

Lorelai, who was wearing a new outfit but promptly changed back into her comfy clothes, sewing an owl pouch for her phone.

 photo e90e736d-8e1b-44d9-8751-63074019a2d9_zps365d03ef.jpg

Elisabeth, snuggling a new panda from her Uncle Michael. She has since come down with the flu :(

 photo 78966ef3-af32-4669-949a-9152f8e062a2_zps58468abc.jpg  photo a307e656-5b18-4f23-9bdf-958431d1c125_zpse5fd7d9e.jpg

A four foot sparkly-light-up Eiffel Tower, because if not at the Sorenson home, where? And another look at those red boots - boy oh boy, did Santa knock it out of the ballpark with that one!

 photo 3275cbde-dae7-4976-b5c6-2787042dff57_zpscd4ac0b2.jpg

My girls know what I love - books! Alexandra gave me Anne of Green Gables, Lorelai gave me A Little Princess, Elsa gave me Swiss Family Robinson, and Elisabeth gave me Les Miserables - which is 908 pages of the teeniest tiniest print I have ever seen. It is going to take me forever to read it - but I don't care, I am excited!!

 photo 0f799ee3-87a2-47d9-b7f9-efa76b9deac8_zpsfc9044f0.jpg

A jewelry box fit for an Ethiopian Queen.

And Lorelai's new Furby:

  photo 71360bcf-e6b2-446f-885c-4248c8a2efd7_zps4cef0331.jpg  photo e2c481e6-9b2c-4177-8d60-051f80d4c601_zps48b6faab.jpg   photo ff8b2706-53f3-4e1c-bf02-6eb4a4acaff4_zpsade9cc6c.jpg

I am so excited about those maracas for Elisabeth! You see, Elisabeth is hard to shop for because there is little that she needs and nothing that she wants. Plus, lately I haven't even been able to let her play with toys because she hits herself in the head with them - hard. But look at those maracas!! They are designed with a soft, squishy top! So I can put one in her hand and it won't matter if she chooses to smash it against her cute little noggin!

Also pictured above, a Frozen karaoke machine. Now I must ask you, was that not made for Elsa?? It has been a huge hit around this house! And I may have done a rendition of Let It Go...and Lorelai threatened to Instagram it. Ha!

 photo f6924df7-3e2f-4c92-8106-09ba3bfea756_zps0e913cb9.jpg

I was thrilled to give this book to Donald. You see, two of Donald's greatest interest are Disney and WWII, and this book combines them both!

 photo a7567802-a69e-4b0c-8a79-bbfd054061db_zps8a25db52.jpg

Coming tomorrow: What Santa brought for The Sorenson Pets!!
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