Monday, December 29, 2014

To: The Sorenson Pets ... From: Santa Claus

Santa has never brought gifts for our pets. Maybe it's because they have never been on the good list before. But this year, 'he' decided it would be fun to surprise the girls by bringing presents for all their furry (and scaled) friends.

On Christmas Eve, shortly before they went to bed, the children started talking about the pets.  

"I wonder if the dogs will bark at Santa?"
Elsa asked.  

"Maybe he will leave them a bone if they don't bark."
she concluded.

That got Lorelai thinking...  
"I should hang a stocking for Guinness!" 

She immediately ran to her dresser and came back with a sock which she clipped to the side of his cage using a bobby pin. At this point I was thinking how grateful 'Santa' was that 'he' was prepared with presents for all - including the animals.

  photo 4d009cb7-d0e5-4104-abd9-91aeb75dd5c5_zps3f3a8a59.jpg

And here's what was in those pretty packages:

To: Cesar Flickerman
From: Santa

 photo 9d725a97-4450-4179-85e1-ed554679a53a_zpsd6ebe34b.jpg

A new fish bowl. Or perhaps I should say fish cube. So modern, I love it.

To: Brigitta
From: Santa

 photo f2ae4bd4-d698-414d-8b0f-1baa6c904bb0_zps157e3d4c.jpg

New water and food bowls! A step up from the old baby bowl we used before.

To: Emily and Scarlett
From: Santa

 photo 2cca205a-2b8f-47d7-b404-959a258daedc_zps696820ef.jpg

These each held a ginormous bone from the local butcher. The dogs were in heaven.

To: Guinness
From: Santa

 photo 2cf3a93c-a1a1-42c4-be89-8925c6a2da49_zps861ede7c.jpg

Santa just happened to have a bottle of Guinea Pig shampoo to put in that sock Lorelai hung. So perfect! Guinness also got a hay trough for his cage and a grooming kit.


 photo 6b611e1e-6e59-4874-9b2b-24caa387954b_zps381d3497.jpg

A new playpen! I can't wait for warmer weather so we can take it outside!

Is he not the cutest? Yesterday, the girls spent their afternoon doing a fashion photo shoot with him - dressing him up in doll clothes and hats. Cutest thing ever! Post to come!

 photo eb2699a7-7332-4d17-987f-40fc9926819b_zps8a0d4ee1.jpg

"I'm one lucky dog!"
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