Sunday, December 7, 2014

Tis The Season!

I feel like we bounced around all weekend. So many places to be! So much to do!

On Friday night I performed Handel's Messiah. Alexandra and Lorelai came to watch and it makes me so happy to see them enjoying such fine music.

 photo 4078a594-c0b4-4ef0-a21e-42b496383467_zpsfa6cfa0f.jpg

On Saturday morning Lorelai's gym held a practice meet for the competition teams in preparation of the upcoming competition season. Let me tell you something about Lorelai: she amazes me. Being a competitive gymnast takes a lot of discipline and requires a lot of sacrifice.

Here are a few pictures of Elsa and Alexandra watching on as Lorelai does her bar routine. I know Lorelai is pretty far away, but you can make her out if you look carefully.

 photo b2e5baef-9a44-441f-8fac-5aa7857e83fb_zps10ca34e3.jpg  photo d625cd88-540c-438d-8fac-9219dd22b851_zpsfdaffb73.jpg  photo 08914a75-e021-4da7-8519-56e558fe055f_zps9e2087e2.jpg

After the meet we had the afternoon and evening free (imagine that!!!!!) so we went Christmas tree shopping. This weekend I've heard quite a few people say how they are just getting their tree up and how late it is. Those comments boggle my mind. How is the weekend of December 5-7 late? To me it is the ideal time to put up a tree and decor. Any sooner and it all seems a little stale by Christmas day.  But enough about that for now, I will post more about our decorating fun in the days to come!

Finally, Elsa had her Nutcracker pictures taken today!

Nutcracker week has arrived meaning Elsa will have rehearsals every day.
And from Wednesday on I'll be there too, playing viola in the orchestra pit.

 photo 9acd9445-a1ca-43c0-8a8f-d8377ea24bbd_zpsb2669c44.jpg 

Tis the Season!!
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