Monday, December 8, 2014

The Annual Trimming of the Tree

Once we picked out the perfect tree and found the perfect spot to put it in our home, Donald brought all the ornaments down from the attic.

  photo eb16c96e-d480-4209-b90d-498891cefe9d_zps7c79f3b2.jpg

Then the children got to unpacking and rediscovering some of their favorite treasures. 
(Though Rudolph was a bit distracting, ha!)

 photo e2bfd338-4fbe-4fc9-95e3-2315696c8f02_zpsb67542c7.jpg  photo efd4df54-e69e-4922-b654-58c8a87a1396_zps349b3041.jpg

Now Elsa was here last Christmas, so this time around she was an old pro at decorating!

  photo 226245ac-ab0e-4931-8304-983086b6b01a_zpsbc5a2c87.jpg  photo 186e7fcf-c7d9-4fbb-85fa-17a5c3d71e9a_zpsaece7004.jpg  photo a084b0a5-204b-4181-b221-4d3a9fbb06a6_zps6d7f18e0.jpg  photo a3fe5412-5c40-42f5-be41-0599577fcc8f_zps558481cd.jpg

Daddies make the best helpers:
 photo 1572d895-890a-4af0-b79f-e9caf9a9466d_zps15fa4cd4.jpg  photo 7fb3ae46-1629-40e3-af3a-1853df13ffe7_zpsc9592a4f.jpg

And once the ornament boxes were properly emptied...

 photo 81dc961d-2ca2-483c-8306-5d6b4d782cad_zps2b203308.jpg

...the tree looked like this:

  photo 8ff51d64-9649-49bd-b57d-d3ab5fc82a36_zps00186041.jpg

Oh, Christmas Tree!
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