Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Wheelchair 2.0

Out with the old.

 photo 03125ac3-d1ff-4226-9281-77e641e67112_zps1e530727.jpg

In with the new!

 photo bd5f7470-a7b9-4a0c-8392-80f77d062282_zps44a7954b.jpg

It seems like yesterday that Elisabeth got her first wheelchair, but in reality it was close to five years ago. The original chair was okay...for a while, but soon proved to have many flaws. She constantly slouched, it was wide and awkward to push, and it had a flat back that soon was not compatible with Elisabeth's severe scoliosis.

The new chair...ahhh...the new chair. It drives like a dream, has a removeable and washable cover, and best of all...is molded to the shape of Elisabeth's back. If you look at the picture above you can see how it curves to fit her exactly. Oh, and I love that the front of the seat is extra wide so she can sit Indian style! Because we all know that Indian style is the only style for Elisabeth!

  photo 4f3d61c7-a3f3-4dcb-9e17-2da3c0b7f39d_zps12b040eb.jpg  photo 9bf2327b-3b75-4e15-9487-7f191c19d713_zps10239c54.jpg

For the frame, we chose the color white. We felt that it represented Elisabeth's pure and angelic nature. Plus, it will be fun to dress it up for holidays. (I just bought red tape to attempt to make some candy canes!)

 photo 5ed0b488-9bc8-46f2-ac19-be27d249c195_zps8aea148e.jpg

And did I mention the tray?
  photo 7cbe7677-1396-41e1-870a-54a0166ffe0e_zps6e161928.jpg

Merry Christmas, Elisabeth!
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