Thursday, September 17, 2015

Let There Be Music!

I thrive on order.

Everything neat and tidy.

Everything in its place.

The music parlor, for the past week or so, has been anything but.

There have been...

Instruments laying around.

  photo e9a943c6-26bb-48d1-bafa-92aa410735ce_zpshtm6d4ms.jpg

Piles of records.

  photo c51fbe7a-9369-4e5a-9173-6ef3c7d72d89_zpsut5bacsn.jpg

Stacks of music books on the floor and shoved in a disorderly mess on the shelf.

  photo 3716721e-fb2d-4d27-bb18-9ad163144e6c_zpsmhiuhe1l.jpg  photo 4cb193ab-ec14-4a4d-8ff8-cedbe990a755_zpsnqdkgwfk.jpg

Compositions laying about.

  photo 8024d45d-a8a2-4925-bf4b-3254bede2fcb_zps9c1clpjc.jpg

Xylophone keys and my hiking hat strewn onto the organ bench (and floor).

  photo 7c71fbcd-864a-4340-afb9-5f19376af019_zpswdmbbfvh.jpg

It is the kind of disorder that I hate. The kind of thing that drives me nuts.


But for some crazy reason, when I went in to tidy it yesterday, I actually sort of liked it.

Not the disorder necessarily, but the evidence that this was a room that was used. Music is being made in here. My children come here and write songs, practice instruments, listen to records. In a world that is so focused on electronics, it is rather refreshing, I'd say.

 photo 4fab77dd-d6ca-4180-b4ea-ae12a59d1644_zps37jy6ltm.jpg 

Let there be music!
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