Tuesday, September 15, 2015

When Big Sister Gets Home From the Gym...

Monday's are long for Lorelai. She goes to school early and then to the gym after school until 8 pm. By the time she gets home she is exhausted, and rightfully so. But despite the exhaustion, I watched last night as she went straight in to see Elisabeth who was asleep in bed.

As she snuggled in close and whispered sweet things to her sister, Elisabeth stirred...

 photo 0dbf7ec4-76ee-436f-acda-8b11415682f8_zpszzuifykm.jpg   photo 59452f94-3c36-40f0-a0c1-197252ede08c_zpsvi2lhcv2.jpg

Then she turned towards Lorelai...

 photo 8bbbaae8-142e-4539-99b4-7cec7410899c_zpsl5qbdwpy.jpg

And gently lifted her hand and rested it on Lorelai's face.

 photo 2e791825-f902-48e8-bd4c-e01df2b0f723_zpsvvwyrosi.jpg

And then my heart melted.
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