Friday, January 13, 2017

A Birthday Review

Turning 37  
like this...

 photo 20170102_081654_zps0brwqszw.jpg

 photo 20170102_081420_zpsmr81eome.jpg
 photo 20170102_081334_zps83q3qmze.jpg
 photo 20170102_081304_zps6hvsqhxj.jpg

I have lamented, on occasion, that my birthday falls on one of the shortest days of the year. Let's face it, January 2nd - especially up north where I live - is cold and dark. It seems like you get cheated out of a lot of birthday fun compared to, let's say, Donald, who has an August birthday. He has sun from 5 am to 9 pm, plus warm weather which opens up so many possibilities for outdoor recreation and parties. January 2nd, not so much.

Anyways, Alexandra recalled me having talked about that fact before and took charge of my birthday decorations.

"You always say that you don't like how your birthday is on one of the darkest days of the year, so I brought you the sun."

And so she did, flowers, bright wrapping paper, yellow lemons and party goods. It felt like a ray of sunshine awaiting me in the kitchen, and I felt loved.

She also wrote me a looooooooong birthday note (see photo below). It is filled with the most beautiful things - memories we share, things we laugh at, and reasons she is grateful I am her mother. I imagine that I will read and re-read that letter hundreds of times over the course of my life. It is a treasure.

 photo Screenshot_20170107-063123_zps6yd7yk4e.jpg

There was also an adorable note from the dogs to 'Master Lisa', composed by Lorelai. It was the sweetest! The best was Scarlett asking for her own Instagram page like the other mutts...and she has since gotten it!

 photo IMG_20170102_173638_458_zpsndnl1kl1.jpg

Other images from my 37th birthday:

  photo 20170102_094645_zps8memlgad.jpg  photo 20170102_092111_zpsm6xwjp3l.jpg

Birthday snuggles with my baby (above).

The girls, breaking their 2016-fast-food-fast (below). 

This year I am going to take the time to feed Elisabeth by mouth more often so that she can enjoy flavors! (below)

 photo IMG_20170102_164000_249_zpsvdmnzvus.jpg

Lorelai likes to hold Elisabeth on her lap and bounce her around and move her arms. And while she does is she sings, "Stimulation, stimulation!":

 photo 20170102_192025_zpsxo4j4ydz.jpg  photo 20170102_191841_zpsecsvt0r1.jpg

And at days end:

 photo 20170102_193050_zpsbf6l2fcj.jpg

Oh, what a sunny day!

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