Monday, January 9, 2017

The Children's Library

I can recall being pregnant with my oldest, Alexandra. I was so excited about gathering children's books for her to read. In fact my friend, Janice, hosted a baby shower for me with a book theme! All of the guests brought along a copy of their favorite children's book to help me build a collection of beloved classics. 

I also recall my mom giving me a complete set of Beatrix Potter books (top right shelf in picture below). I remember being thrilled, yet also feeling like it was going to be forever until my newborn baby would be old enough to listen to stories being read - much less read them herself!

Fast forward to yesterday. I was working on cleaning out and organizing the upstairs hallway and bedrooms. While in Elsa's room I realized she has advanced beyond children's books and on to more difficult chapter books. In an effort to open up shelf space I decided to move the collection of children's books into the hallway.

As I placed each one on the shelf I reflected back to that baby shower and the beginnings of my collection. Oh, how time has swiftly passed! Not only did my first baby grow and read and love those books, but three others that came after her. And now, now they are on to the next stage of reading (and life!).

(Well, maybe not Elisabeth, but she is a special case!)

  photo 183d4faa-cd47-479c-a689-dc507c19d5ce_zpstkcyg5u7.jpg 
[My children's book collection, relocated to the upstairs hall.]

"Well, I guess now I wait for grandchildren 
to enjoy them one day," I told my mom.

From one generation to the next, life carries on.

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