Thursday, March 23, 2017

"She is a Child"

"Your child is beautiful," 
a student said before school. 

I thanked her and told her a little bit about Elisabeth. You should have seen her eyes grow when she learned that Elisabeth would turn ten before her! 

We finished our conversation and she went on her way.

  photo IMG_20170322_083153_055_zpslavos31u.jpg

After school I stood in the hallway with Elisabeth at my side. The bell had just rung and there were a sea of students about. A different student approached me and asked about Elisabeth (she really causes her peers to wonder!). As I answered her questions the girl from the morning walked up to us.

"I decided she is a child," she declared. "I mean, you can't call her a baby, she isn't a baby, but you can't call her a kid either, because she isn't a kid. So I decided she is a child."

So that was the reasoning behind her comment in the morning, which I thought was so uniquely phrased. 

It made me smile.

"I think you're exactly right," I said. "Elisabeth is a child, that's the perfect word for her."

(Even though she will always be my baby 😊.)

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