Friday, March 24, 2017

The Middle School Concert

I have never been very emotional, I'm just not built that way. But last night...I admit that I felt a bit teary! I attended the middle school orchestra concert that both Lorelai and Alexandra performed in. When I sat down and opened the program I saw a list of all the 8th graders with a note that said  
"best wishes for high school!"

 photo 2200b95f-10bd-47cc-a34b-841267fc76a3_zpsflbemniz.jpg

A wave of emotion went through me...

...and then they started the slide show.

I am becoming a sentimental sap!

Being a parent is the most amazing thing ever; the richest experience available to mankind. I have enjoyed and cherished each step along the way -  I love watching them grow up! And Alexandra...let's talk about Alexandra...she is spectacular, a parents dream. What makes me so very happy when I look at her is the fact that she is living up to her potential (which she has an abundance of!). It's not just me wanting her to be her very best, it's her wanting to be her very best. I think I may have written a blog post about that many years ago when she was just a little thing: how do you make a child want to be their best for themselves and not just to be obedient or to please others? Anyways, Alexandra strives for perfection, pushes herself, has a thirst for learning, and is self motivated. I love her.

 photo 4529e6ab-bc3e-4e84-bd36-f348f778b329_zpsfzcpfhaf.jpg 

And you should hear her play the violin! 🎻🎵

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