Thursday, July 6, 2017

Independence Day Review!

    of          July!

First things first, we decided to rise early and hike before the heat of the day hit. 
We also decided to bring Apollo our goldendoodle (who is not yet 8 months old). 


We were partway up the mountain when he got spooked by a snake. 
In a flash he pulled out of his collar and bolted down the mountain.

End hike.  

 photo 20170704_083744_zpsc2ektdtn.jpg
 photo 20170704_083713_zpspwedxktd.jpg

 photo 20170704_083657_zpse3gsfm4y.jpg
(Apollo the scaredy cat.)


We took the girls to the water park which surprisingly wasn't crowded at all!

 photo 20170704_115330_zpsg8qa7lqs.jpg
 photo 20170704_115102_zpsvombjtuo.jpg
 photo 20170704_115058_zpsefkkczlv.jpg
 photo 20170704_115057_zpsh5jlqdvh.jpg

 photo 20170704_114919_zpsztotpzek.jpg  photo 20170704_114940_zpsdcrqeeed.jpg
 photo 48410323-3f77-4a33-84a1-6543c240edb9_zpsglmomjj6.jpg

And finally... 

Down to the river to eat dinner and watch fireworks!

 photo 20170704_193400_zpsrxx8pmye.jpg

We found the most lovely little spot to settle in for the night.
 photo 20170704_191149_zpshx0yinmh.jpg

 photo 5e2d28aa-a605-43f2-a2d2-8370e2e14cfa_zpsxzdlfymq.jpg
 photo 20170704_202125_zpse6ydxpgg.jpg 
 photo 20170704_201438_zps7g4wmnj3.jpg  photo 20170704_201411_zpslkqv1lnx.jpg
This girl can shake a maraca!!
 photo 20170704_202041_zpsswyx6hdc.jpg
 photo f9dea78c-b347-459f-b216-cb8f292b7c7b_zpsbvvhr0h6.jpg
(The Sorenson Sisters.)
 photo 20170704_213129_zpsfwuylsok.jpg

The sun set...
and then...

 photo 2219a9f7-b58c-4fef-b9c0-b2bd41eb3d01_zpszxtt0zlm.jpg  photo 83a2f6c4-0d57-4ab2-8d97-e44315e0c1b1_zpsgnldftot.jpg


God Bless America!!!

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