Monday, July 3, 2017

The Big Hunt

We are dog people. Which is why we have three, as crazy as that may seem.

Anyways, yesterday afternoon I was cleaning out the refrigerator and there was a leftover steak that Donald had grilled up while the girls and I were out of town. Instead of tossing it, he suggested we cut it up and give it to the dogs.

But I did better than that.

I cut it into a gazillion tiny pieces and sprinkled them all over the yard while the dogs were in the house. Then we set them out on the big hunt! It was soooooo entertaining to watch! And it kept them busy for a good long while as they sniffed out every inch of the backyard! Plus, it's probably good for them to use their innate smelling skills, right?

 photo 20170703_102456_zpslq3vfing.jpg

 photo 31812e0d-5d1c-4cc3-86fb-c72276650f95_zpsl83cwbhp.jpg

 photo 20170703_102644_zps6uyk73pt.jpg

 photo c7bce036-e5dd-4d4e-85a1-73456a604fb2_zpstf9m9h5b.jpg

 photo 20170703_103634_zpsxvtesodp.jpg

"More steak???"
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