Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Story About a Cradle

A few days after Elisabeth was born I bought her an elegant cradle. I splurged a little bit...but she was worth it. After all, I was going to bring Queen Elisabeth home soon, and she needed a royal place to slumber.

I expected her to use the cradle until the new year. She would be 3 months old by then, and surely she would be ready to move into the crib.

Well, months ticked by. The new year came and went. Winter, Spring, Summer...and back to Autumn again. My little queen is still using her cradle. She doesn't move much, so safety isn't an issue. But alas, this dear baby is growing! A bed that at one time seemed so big is now getting very, very small. There are just a few inches in length to spare.

The cradle has stayed at my bedside for the past 13 months. To be perfectly honest, I just couldn't bring myself to part with her. But soon I will have no choice but to move her into the crib. So to help her with her transition I decided that it was time to move her cradle from my bedroom to the room that she will share with her big sisters. Then, in a few weeks, and after she has gotten used to her new space, we will introduce her to the crib.

So Alexandra, Lorelai and I got busy. We took her royal cradle and moved it to the "Girls Dormitory". At first I was a little sad. But as I saw the excitement in my daughters faces, I got excited too. What a blessing this is for Elisabeth. She has two older sisters who play with her, adore her, and comfort her. Their devotion to this dear baby is unwavering. And this mommy's heart is grateful.

Once the cradle was in place the girls were anxious to "try out" the new living arrangement. They insisted that I bring Elisabeth into their new room and lay her in her bed. Then Alexandra and Lorelai changed into leotards, put on The Nutcracker Suite, and danced the afternoon away.

Elisabeth did OK last night...and so did I.

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