Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Meet Rody


It's no secret, shopping for Elisabeth is not easy. I always find myself wanting to buy new toys to spice up her life a little, but that's easier said than done. You see, there just aren't a lot of toys that either a) interest her or b) she can use.

However, on rare occasion, we happen upon something that is just meant for her. Like the Taga for example.

And now


the inflatable horse!

(To give credit where credit is due, my sister had a hand in discovering both of these gems, the Taga and the Rody.)


Here is why I am so thrilled about Rody:

> Elisabeth loves to bounce, and Rody is all about bouncing!

> Elisabeth does not like to use her feet or legs. In fact, her feet permanently stay in an extended position. And the idea of putting pressure on them...ha!...Elisabeth says 'no way'. But when she sits on Rody her feet [toes] touch the floor. And while she's not ready to put pressure on them [yet] I am hoping that sitting on Rody will encourage her to use her feet and legs to bounce.

> Rody can hold up to 400 lbs! Not that I am planning on testing its weight capacity at all, but it's interesting (and amazing) none the less.

> The 4 feet (or should I call them hooves?) on the bottom help keep it stable, unlike sitting her on a ball.

> The ears make perfect little handles.

> Rody is helping to strengthen Elisabeth's core by forcing her to balance herself. We are also hoping that it will help correct Elisabeth's back which is becoming severely hunched due to her right side being so much stronger than her left.

> It's made in Italy. Have you noticed that Europe seems to produce some of the best toys?

> We purchased the Original Rody, but it is also available in an even larger size for children 5+ years old. So that means when Elisabeth outgrows this one we can upgrade her to the big one.

> It's available is a wide array of colors. I love choices. And color.

Adorable, don't you think?

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