Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Post-Op: Day 1, Part 2

Both the surgeons came in to visit me today. Dr. M was the general surgeon. It was his job to cut me open and get everything like abdominal muscles, intestines, and blood vessels out of the way. He said everything went great and there was minimal bleeding. I told him that I purposely put myself on a liquid diet on his behalf the day before surgery. I didn't think he would want to see some hamburger floating around in there. Eww gross. And then I told him how interesting it is that he's seen parts of me that I've never seen. To which he replied, "Trust me, that's the way you want it to be." He's probably right; I don't want to see my intestines. I'll just stick with seeing me from the outside.

Dr. G also came in to visit. He said that surgery went longer than planned and that it wasn't easy. Apparently I have some bones of steel in there and screwing the cage into my spine didn't happen easily. He also said that the disc was a falling about halfway into the spinal canal and that my spine down there at L4-L5 had no support at all. But he fixed me all up now, so my days of walking like the hunchback of Notre Dame should be over.

I have been sooooo tired today; slept pretty much the whole time. They want me up and moving, but I don't want to be up and moving. I just want to lay here. They forced me up twice now. Once to walk to the door and back and another time to sit me in a wheelchair and go downstairs for x-rays. And I cried. When they got me up the first time I was just so overwhelmed by it all and scared to move that I started bawling. I blame the meds though....I think they are making me emotional.

Anyways, I think they are going to back off some of the pain meds because they think I've been sleeping too much. But I just think I'm making up for lost time - all these past months where I couldn't get a good nights sleep; where the pain was just too bad.

Okay, I'm tired, all this typing has wore me out. Off to dream land again.

***please ignore typos/ etc. I am a little loopy.
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