Sunday, January 5, 2014

Lisa's Finishing School - Week 1

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[I will have my new table cloth before our next formal meal. Can't wait!]

Tonight we had our first dinner as a part of Lisa's Finishing School. It all started in the afternoon when I taught the girls about different place settings, names of various utensils, how many inches from the plate to place the fork, etc. Then they practiced doing it on their own (see picture above). As evening approached we all changed into our dinner clothes. The children were slightly shocked when I informed them that they even needed to wear shoes - but they were good sports and went along with it. As for me, I put my hair up in a french twist and got out my favorite pearls.

Right before our meal I put on some dinner music.

"Strauss . . . perfect." I said.

"Who's Strauss?" asked Alexandra.


Did my daughter just ask that?

Like I mentioned in my New Years post, there is so much to teach my children still. When they are grown I don't want them to say, "Who's Strauss?" but rather, "Ah...Strauss! Perfect dinner music!" And that's what this year is all about.

But back to our dinner...

As soon as we clarified with Lorelai that no, we did not need to speak with accents, we began to eat -  course after course after course. It was quite the meal, I tell you! In the end we spent about an hour dining. It was exactly what I had hoped for, and I really think the girls learned a lot. In this day and age it seems that our society has become so very casual, there just aren't many occasions for dressing up; for feeling a little formal. That's all about to change - at least in our home.

Care to join us?

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