Sunday, March 30, 2014

Lisa's Finishing School Part 7 + A Birthday!

9 years! 

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I can't believe it!

How has it already been nine years since we bought our beloved home? 

I love this house. Every room. Every detail. I love how light comes streaming in through the second story window in the front entry. I love the arches leading into the parlor, the kitchen, and the dining space. I love my fireplace and how I can curl up next to it on cold days and read. I love the computer room; how I can sit at the desk and look out over the neighborhood. I love my parlor filled with instruments. I love my family room with the rainbow rug and mid-century couches. I love my bedroom, thankful to share it with Elisabeth so that she is always nearby. I love my kitchen and the prisms that hang in the window, splashing rainbows all around in the late afternoon.

I feel so lucky to have this little place in the world.

As is tradition, our formal dinner (as a part of Lisa's Finishing School) was a birthday celebration for our house. We had five courses in total:


Then we were stuffed!!

Our dinner conversation was all about our house. Trivia about our home, memories, and each sharing what our favorite part of our home is. Elsa loves her bedroom, Lorelai loves that it is 'food central', and Lex loves the parlor (which is where she spends most of her time these days.)

***The funny thing is that Lorelai gave that same answer four years ago when I asked her!
Ha ha!

Happy Birthday, 
dear house!

Past celebrations:

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